Monday, November 3, 2014

Election eve prayer

Tomorrow is the day for voting in the midterms, and may everyone get the chance to exercise that power. Potential voters ought not be turned away because they forgot to bring their driver's license, or because their name is spelled differently thereon than on the voting rolls. Or at least they should be allowed to cast a provisional ballot.

Deliver us an election day filled with a spirit of hope and the will to participate in the political process. And let us not give in to despair and cynicism. Let us remember that our votes count.

May the voters erase from their minds all political advertising, especially that one featuring a smiling pig castrator. And may they instead pay attention to the endorsements of enlightened newspapers like the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Allow us to remember the dark days before the 2008 election, when the economy was crashing and wars were raging, and let us appreciate the positive changes that moved us away from those dark times. Let's remember that the deficit is down; the stock market is up; and everyone has access to affordable health insurance.

And finally, may election day not turn into a debacle for the Democrats. We do not need another 2010, for that election did not bring us any blessings.

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