Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I have decided that it's way too soon to start talking about 2016, even though last night Chris Christie gave what most people thought was his opening speech for the next presidential campaign. And even though I have written a lot about presidential politics here, I'm not very interested in writing about the next presidential election.  At least not yet. One reason we should refrain from talking about 2016 is that it would reduce the importance of 2014. And 2014 is important because it will determine whether President Obama will get a Congress that might actually accomplish a few things during his final two years. It is also important because it will also help determine whether the Tea Party movement is on the decline or not. It's important because if people get cynical and tired and discouraged and only wake up every four years for presidential elections, they concede the field to their opponents.

I'm a bit tired myself. I've written 1000 posts on this site, but I've slowed down quite a bit since the election last year. The need doesn't seem quite as urgent since my candidate got re-elected. But there is still plenty of crazy stuff going on. Plenty of records that need to be set straight. And still quite a few hopeful and changing events to report on.

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