Tuesday, October 22, 2013


One standard definition of the word "chutzpah" is that chutzpah is what the guy who killed both his parents has, when he throws himself on the mercy of the court on the ground that he is an orphan.

But here are some other new definitions of the word:
Chutzpah is complaining about glitches in the federal healthcare.gov website when you have done everything in your power to delay, underfund and refuse to cooperate in setting up the infrastructure needed to implement the health insurance exchanges.  
Chutzpah is blaming the federal government for not doing a good enough job of running the exchanges in states that refused to do the job themselves. (only 16 states are fully running their own exchanges)
Chutzpah is claiming that the Affordable Care Act is not going to work while you are actively engaged in a campaign to try to persuade people not to buy health insurance.
Chutzpah is claiming that the Affordable Care Act is not significantly reducing the number of uninsured while your state is refusing to take the Medicaid expansion money that would make health insurance available to more low income families. (only 21 states so far are fully participating in the Medicaid expansion)
New definitions of the word seem to crop up daily. Send in your suggestions!

UPDATE: This doesn't relate to Obamacare, but I should not neglect to recognize Congressman Randy Neugebauer from Texas, who voted to shut down the government, and then proceeded to chew out a park ranger for doing her job by closing access to national monuments.


  1. Did you happen to see the John Stewart discussion about Obamacare Monday night?! That is one funny doode. If only the President worked as hard as Stewart to perfect his craft. They ought to flip flop staffs.