Friday, January 18, 2013

Organizing for Action

During the 2012 campaign, I had a chance to observe quite closely, through the flood of emails I received every day from the Obama campaign, just how well-organized they were, and how well they thought out their strategy. The Obama campaign for the most part set the terms of the debate, and pounced on every mis-step of the opposition. Its seems the opposition still doesn't quite know what hit them. We are seeing the continuing enthusiasm of the 2012 campaign, and the opposition's disarray, play out now in the successful effort to avert the "fiscal cliff," in the administration's actions on gun violence, and in the upcoming budget battles.

These efforts are not going to be led solely from within the White House. Today, organizers from the Obama 2012 campaign announced their plan to maintain its energy, and its phenomenal organizational skills, in a new entity called Organizing for Action. It seems this is going to be Organizing for America, which grew out of the 2008 Obama for America campaign, in a 2.0 version. This new organization's chair, Jim Messina, announced last night:
It will be a supporter-driven organization, as we've always been, staying true to our core principles: "respect, empower, include." We'll work on the key battles of our generation, train the next generation of grassroots organizers and leaders, and organize around local issues in our own communities. We'll continue to support the President in creating jobs and growing the economy from the middle out, and in fighting for issues like immigration reform, climate change, balanced deficit reduction, and reducing gun violence.
We have a remarkable opportunity right now to change our country, and if we can take the enthusiasm and passion that people showed throughout the campaign and channel it into the work ahead of us, we will be unstoppable.
As the chair of Organizing for Action, I will be deeply involved in this new organization, but it will be supporters like you who will determine where it goes. I have no doubt we can take this grassroots movement to new and extraordinary heights.

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  1. Organizing for Action, the non profit 24/7 Obama campaign machine. Is it required to report donors names and amounts?

    How about foreign donations?