Monday, January 28, 2013


OK, so I'll admit I've been watching that silly PBS soap opera about a bunch of people I really shouldn't care about. And just when I had had enough of all the ridiculous stories about whether they are going to be able to save the estate, and who ruined somebody's dinner jacket, lo and behold, we get some real drama as the show's creators decide to kill off Sybil in tragic and heart-rending fashion. Not Sybil! Everyone's favorite! Maybe the only warm, kind and genuine person in the bunch.

I don't think they're going to ruin the impact of this brilliant moment by saying something like, well that's what comes of marrying the chauffeur. Because it didn't come from marrying the chauffeur at all. It came from listening to the idiot aristocrat doctor instead of the sensible country doctor who had known her all her life. Everybody now knows these absurd and anachronistic lords and ladies have only themselves to blame for their unsustainable lifestyle and inevitable downfall.

I'm not sure the series can top that moment. Maybe it's time to stop following it. Now that the only good one is gone, all that's left to take pleasure in is watching the rest follow.


  1. Keep watching. It's a few months since I saw that episode, but ultimately Sybil's death turns out to prove the local doctor incorrect.

  2. I love a good soap. DOOL was my addiction for over twenty years.