Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election day

The polling place in Las Vegas where I spent about 13 hours watching people vote. Very inspiring.

And the party afterward, where hundreds of raucous Obama supporters watched the president celebrate his election to a second term.

Special thanks to the firemen who put out the Cajon Pass fire, thus clearing the path for myself and others to get to Vegas and assure the president's victory. I ran into a bunch of them on the way here:

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  1. Joe, I am so impressed by your extended efforts to see through President Obama's re-election. You are inspiring.

    The ground machine, that you are a part of, showed brilliant organizational skills, determination and hard work. I believe it is the new normal.

    Interesting is the fact that 2% more of the vote was black in 2012 compared to 2004. 2% more was Latino and 2% more were young voters of all types. That is a clear indication that the demographic of voters has changed.

    And it is more than the browning of America and my family; it demonstrates a raised level of participation, awareness, empowerment and interest in politics; local and national. This is a good thing.

    We have a remarkable system!

    I started reading your blog to learn somethibng and I certainly have. Thank you and congratulations.