Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who are you going to believe?

Here are some of Bill Clinton's comments yesterday on last week's debate:

I don't want to hear any more talk about what President Obama should have said or done in response to the new Moderate Mitt, or whether somebody else could have done better. (I appreciate and agree with Clinton's performance here, and his remarks about the new Mitt are right on target, but even Clinton could not refrain from getting in a little dig at the end about what he might have said if he were at the debate.) The important thing is to stop all the whining and second-guessing about the president's debate performance, and even to stop buying into the conventional wisdom that Romney "won" the debate. Because the thing about the conventional wisdom that I have found to be true is that the conventional wisdom is usually wrong.

The important thing to remember about the debate is that when Mitt Romney wasn't just plain telling whoppers, he was re-inventing himself left and right (mostly left, since he couldn't have gone much further right during the primary campaign). And Romney is continuing to tie himself in knots every day trying to remember whether he is going to support pro-life legislation or not, or what his tax plan of the day is, or whether he was in favor of individual mandates and coverage for pre-existing conditions before he was against them, or whether he still believes what he said and repeatedly defended about the 47%, or whether he has to check with Benjamin Netanyahu first before he can tell us what he thinks about policy with respect to Israel. By election time, Romney will have twisted himself into a pretzel, and the American people will not know what to believe from him.

President Obama will win the election because he can be trusted. You heard it here first.

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