Sunday, October 28, 2012

Re-writing history

A desperate Romney campaign is going after President Obama for one of his most important accomplishments--rescuing the American auto industry. The key fact that is being overlooked here is that only the administration was willing to risk substantial taxpayer dollars to save Detroit. Republicans--including Romney--fiercely opposed the administration plan, claiming that it was a waste of federal money, and that the necessary financing could have been obtained in the private sector. The Romney campaign is hoping voters will forget that back in 2009, there were no such funds available. Credit was still frozen, and nobody was willing to bet on the American auto industry, except for President Obama and Congressional Democrats. Their plan was roundly criticized by conservatives at the time--including Mitt Romney. But the administration's plan worked, and was in fact essential to saving perhaps millions of jobs.

In his latest scurrilous ad campaign, Romney also repeats the lie that Chrysler is now planning to move existing American Jeep operations to China. This statement was based on an inaccurate report by Bloomberg, which has been thoroughly discredited. Nevertheless, the Romney campaign continues to repeat the lie, and refuses to comment on Romney's inaccurate use of the false Bloomberg story in a speech on Thursday.

Once again, we have to rely on the American people's good sense and memory of recent history, because we cannot trust the Romney campaign to tell the truth.

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