Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cheers to Governor Christie

Note how all the Fox News hosts are concerned about is trying to get Governor Christie to say something helpful to their candidate Mitt Romney. Note how all Governor Christie cares about is getting help for his state. Christie praised Romney before the first debate and correctly predicted that Romney's performance would shake up the race. He doesn't hesitate to praise President Obama for his outstanding response to a disaster. This is what a no-bullshit artist looks like.


  1. Much of the talk about this statement on the left-of-center blogosphere about this exchange posits the idea that this is the beginning of Christie's 2016 campaign. I disagree--that came at the Convention. The more charitable suggest also that he likely actually wants the best under the circumstances for the people of his state.

    It is absolutely significant thought that he was given the chance to plug Romney and declined to. He could have said, yes, I disagree strongly with the President on policy and back Romney, but the President has done well here and we are all Americans in a disaster like this. He did not say that.

    I got the feeling from Christie that at some point over the course of the campaign, he stopped giving Romney lip service. I imagine he was treated with patrician disdain by the candidate himself at some important sit-down. Just a feeling.

  2. I think even before the convention Christie was smart enough to know this was not going to be a good year for him or his party. That's why he took himself out of the running even for vice-president. But he showed he was enough of a good soldier to strongly support Romney for most of the year.

    By practically endorsing Obama, Christie makes a brilliant political move for himself while seeming to be above politics and showing that all he cares about are the people of his state. He puts himself in a good position to work with President Obama the next four years, again for the good of the people in his state, and will be well positioned to do whatever he wants in 2016. Hopefully he will serve as a model for showing Republicans in Congress how to work with this president, and that will be good for the country also.

    Christie is a popular governor even though he is more conservative than most people in his state because he comes off as a straight shooter, who says what he thinks and damn the consequences. Exactly the opposite of Romney. And certainly the Republicans are going to be looking for somebody in 2016 who is conservative enough to satisfy the base, who is the opposite of Romney in exactly that way, and who can reach out beyond the base to have a chance of winning.