Sunday, September 2, 2012

More than a tripod

David Plouffe said today that the Romney campaign is “built on a tripod of lies. A welfare attack that is just absolutely untrue. The suggestion we’re raiding Medicare — absolutely untrue. And then this whole ‘we can build it’ nonsense."

I hate to have to disagree with David Plouffe, but really, only a tripod? More like an octopus of lies, maybe an 18 wheeler of lies, maybe more than a centipede of lies. There's the lie the Romney campaign keeps repeating, that President Obama has added $5 trillion to the national debt, when most of this increase  was caused by the recession itself and also to the continued effects of the Bush tax cuts, and Bush's unpaid-for spending programs (Medicare prescription drugs and two wars).

Then there are the lies about how the stimulus program did not help bring the country out of the recession, even though the stimulus in fact saved or created millions of jobs.  If it did not meet expectations, that was because it was too small, not too large.

What about the lie that President Obama goes around the world apologizing for America? He never did that.

How about blaming President Obama for downgrading the U.S. credit rating, when the downgrade was in fact awarded due to the rating agency's lack of confidence in Congress.

Then there are the lies that President Obama made the recession worse, that people are generally worse off than they were four years ago, that under Obama the economy has lost millions of jobs. These lies ignore the severity of the job losses prior to the beginning of Obama's term, which steadily declined, and then turned into steady gains in employment, month after month.

Or the lie that people have lost value in their pension accounts or their home values, when again, those losses occurred prior to Obama taking office, and have since turned into steady gains.

The lie that the Affordable Care Act will add to the deficit, even though it will actually reduce the deficit.

Then there were some whoppers told by Paul Ryan at the convention, such as faulting President Obama for ignoring the debt commission, when it was Paul Ryan himself, as a member of that commission, who led the charge against it, and voted to prevent it from even issuing a report. 

I could go on, but I don't have the energy to make an exhaustive list. Thankfully, people like Steven Benen are around to chronicle hundreds of Romney lies so far during this year's campaigns.

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