Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The wind has definitely changed in the last two or three weeks. President Obama emerged with a surge of support after the Democratic convention, while the Romney campaign appears beleaguered and defensive. The Democrats pulled in way more TV viewers, and were also far ahead of the Republicans among social media users. Polls show the president gaining several crucial points, and forecasters rate the president's chances more highly than ever. The president has also moved ahead in fundraising for the first time in several months. Even this modest site has felt the effects, experiencing a significant uptick in traffic the last few weeks. That happens because more people are doing google searches for "hope and change" and related topics, signs of interest in the campaign.

Some will say that the 2012 campaign can never recapture the excitement of 2008, and that the enthusiasm level of the president's supporters isn't quite as high, but in some ways this campaign seems more satisfying than four years ago. In 2008 we didn't have much sense, until about September when the stock market crashed, of just how bad things were going to get, and we had some uncertainties about our untested, fresh new leader. Now, we've survived a good deal of adversity, and we know we can rely on a tried and trusted survivor of an unprecedented level of opposition and obstructionism. Despite a weak economy, and boatloads of money being spent by the other side, President Obama is going to emerge on top, proving that he still enjoys the good will of the American people.

People are just beginning to appreciate the magnitude of the accomplishments of the president's first term. Even Mitt Romney is starting to admit there is a lot to like about health care reform. Manufacturing is coming back. Housing prices are heading back up. The stock market is booming. Domestic energy production is higher than ever. The troops are coming home.This country enjoys renewed respect around the world. Nobody can deny that General Motors is alive, and Osama bin Laden is dead.

We can expect some ups and downs, and more nastiness ahead, but it's time to be cautiously optimistic. It's time to think about Senate and House races. Stay positive. Keep building the momentum.


  1. Everybody likes parts of healthcare reform. It's just that the ACA is a very poorly written law. Nothing you say will change that. It's here and probably always will be. Perhaps we can focus on how to improve it?

    1. I don't think I ever said anything about how well or poorly written the health insurance reform law is. That has nothing to do with my point.