Monday, September 24, 2012

Let them go to the emergency room.

This is just sad. Here, on Sixty Minutes, is the pioneer of the template for Obamacare, the man who actually put into effect a plan in Massachusetts that aims at making health care accessible and affordable. Now he is forced to deny there was a problem that he previously helped solve. It's sad because Romney knows better. He knows that emergency room care is no substitute for preventive care. He knows that it costs far more to deal with problems in an emergency room than in a doctor's office. He knows that hospital bills for the uninsured are several times higher than the amounts billed to those who have insurance, and that these bills can have devastating effects on families.

Yet because his party refused to participate in designing a solution to these problems, Romney is now forced to defend our broken, cumbersome, expensive, patchwork system of health care. He has to walk away from a problem that he once had a hand in trying to solve.

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