Friday, August 31, 2012

Rising seas

It's easy to mock President Obama for trying to do something to stop the oceans from rising, as Romney did in his acceptance speech last night. I mean, who does Obama think he is, Moses? In fact, however, this administration has probably done more to slow global warming than any previous one, by dramatically increasing fuel economy standards, for one thing, and by hugely supporting alternative energy sources.

But the oceans are still rising--a point of nearly unanimous agreement among scientists and observers who can actually measure rising ocean levels. If that is the case, isn't it kind of dangerous to ignore the problem? Is that what Romney is trying to say? He says he wants to help families instead of worrying about rising seas. But how is Romney going to help your family when this happens?

 or if you live here, in Key West, where the ocean is already washing over the streets?

How is Romney going to help your family if you happen to live in a low-lying coastal area, like almost the entire state of Florida?  Is he going to bail you out?

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