Thursday, August 30, 2012

This made my day.

How many think the chair got the better of this guy in their debate?


  1. Clint was funny. I think he should have practiced more but he did okay for not having a Teleprompter.

    Reminded me of Any Which Way But Loose.

  2. I thought Clint was funny and the chair was something Bob Newhart might do. But I can see why hard core Obama supporters would find it less humerous. But Maddow was particularly unkind. I watched her shake her head and then say something to the effect that "he's 82, that's all that needs to be said". That type of attitude and comment is bigotry at it's worst. I have two in-laws who are 82 and they are every bit as articulate and educated (MIT engineer) as Maddow. I wonder what they said to one another as they sat on the couch and watched Maddow insinuate that 82 means you are foggy brained and not worth listening to because you are confused. Shame on her.

    Clint has a new movie coming out that I have seen previews. He plays Gus Lobel, the best scout in baseball whose talent seeking is starting to decline as he loses his eyesight. There are a whole lot of emotional stuff thrown in the mix here with his daughter played by Amy Adams. It looks very good and I predict it will be a success.

    1. When Rachel Maddow referenced Eastwood's age, I think she was just trying to make excuses for his embarrassing performance.

      As for how Obama supporters might take it, some of us might have been smiling at the thought of the president making an obscene suggestion about what Romney could do to himself, something that of course the real President Obama would never do.

  3. Yes, imagining the gesture was funny for everyone. That is my point. And of course Obama would not do that in any official setting.

    My point, which should be considered by Matthews and Maddow and other progressives who drone on about bigotry and racism and homophobia in the Republican party: the far left is bigoted. It reminds me of a spouse who constantly accuses her/his partner of infidelity and is the one who is actually cheating. I have a mother who is 82 and a father and mother in law who are 82. They are huge Obama supporters and are left of you Joe. They were offended by Maddow's comments. We all knew the dog whistle she was blowing. It was the Alzheimeration of the elderly. The ones we should put away and make fun off. The ones we spend too mmuch one through Medicare. The ones whose quality of life has expired. It wasn't funny at all. Why would she do that and why is the left laughing?

    She ought to take a hard look within.