Friday, July 13, 2012

Why Bain is important


  1. John Sununu reacted to the Obama Campaign's disgusting attack today on Mitt Romney. "Can you imagine how dumb this president is for introducing the concept of felony into the discourse when this president comes out of Chicago politics where felony and politics are sometimes a synonym?... This president is not smart at all!"

    Wait, there is more:

  2. The president did not introduce the concept of felony into the discussion. I believe it was that said it would be a felony if Romney had lied on his financial disclosure forms, as pointed out in one of my previous posts. All the Obama campaign said was that either the financial disclosure forms (that said Romney had absolutely no involvement with Bain) are false, or the SEC filings (that said Romney was the owner, director and officer of Bain) are false. It has to be one or the other. You can't say you have absolutely no involvement in a company for which you have fiduciary responsibilities.

    Why do you think it is disgusting to try to hold a person responsible for his own actions?

    To me it seems more disgusting for someone to refuse to take any responsibility for the actions of a company that is his main calling card and qualification for the job he is seeking.

    When Obama first ran for president, his opponents wanted to hold him responsible for every word said by the pastor of a church he attended, and every action by a 60's radical whose home he visited. But you think it's disgusting to hold Mitt Romney responsible for the actions of a company of which he was the sole shareholder, officer and director?

    And now you approve of smearing Obama with vague associations with Chicago politics? So everyone who comes from Chicago must be dirty? What Sununu is saying is, Obama has no right to accuse Mitt Romney's company of doing something it actually did, when Obama comes from a city that is known for corrupt politicians. What kind of stupid attack is that? Not to mention highly insulting to some great Chicago politicians.

    Why is Romney running away from Bain? What did Bain do that Romney is so ashamed of?

  3. I just keep telling myself "he's not a wonk, he's not a wonk".

    A political operative, but not a wonk! We need more political operatives :-)

  4. What I am is an attorney, so I happen to know that being president of a corporation is not just a title. It carries legal obligations with it.

    And stop watching Sean Hannity.

  5. Progressive operatives have become story tellers; every bit as lopsided as Hannity. That wasn't always true about Hope and Change.