Friday, July 6, 2012

Romney statement on jobs report

Charles Dharapak/AP photo from NY Times
In reaction to the disappointing report released this morning indicating that the American economy had created only approximately 80,000 new jobs in June, Governor Romney issued the following statement (after the first sentence my version is kind of a paraphrase):

The president’s polices have not gotten America working again, and the president’s going to have to stand up and take responsibility. What it is that President Obama did to cause this anemic job growth I'm not going to explain, but clearly it must be his fault. And what I would have done to create more jobs faster I'm not going to explain either. But obviously the only hope for my campaign is to spread as much fear and pessimism about the economy as I possibly can, so that these employment numbers stay weak until the election, and so that we can continue to blame President Obama for continued high unemployment. I can promise the American people that my campaign will keep doing that every day.

In some positive news, however, I can report that I took a few minutes away from the celebration this morning with some of my campaign staffers to call  House Speaker John Boehner and other members of the Republican leadership. I congratulated them for their hard work in making sure that Congress does as little as possible to reduce unemployment. That will increase the chances that voters will elect more Republicans this fall, and allow us to return to the kinds of economic policies that caused the economy to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs each month back in 2008 and 2009.
And here's a true story about something Mitt Romney actually said when he was governor of Massachusetts. When being criticized for job losses occurring during his first 11 months as governor, Romney said it was "silly" to include the initial period after he took office, when the state was still recovering from a recession. Of course, that doesn't stop Romney from including that period when he measures President Obama's performance.

Notice that what Romney is describing with his hand in this video looks a lot like this graph:

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