Sunday, June 3, 2012

What attacks on free enterprise?

The above is from a Romney campaign video which tries to deflect Obama's criticism of Romney's record at Bain Capital by using clips from other Democrats who defend Bain. Of course, the Romney video never deals at all with the substance of Obama's questions about Romney's Bain experience, but is nevertheless effective in using other Democrats to challenge the legitimacy of attacking Bain.

Also note how cleverly the Romney campaign has made Bain stand for the entire free enterprise system. Nothing in the contents of this video justifies this conflation. Nothing in the video substantiates the idea that President Obama has attacked the free enterprise system itself. The only thing the Obama campaign did was question whether Romney's experience at Bain is applicable to the job of  President of the United States. 

The technical term for the method of this type of video is "chutzpah."

President Obama has never attacked the free enterprise system. Trust me on this. I pay careful attention to everything the president says, and I have never heard him attack free enterprise. In fact, what President Obama did was to SAVE the free enterprise system.

The Obama administration restored the financial sector to profitability.

They doubled  the value of the stock market.

They oversaw the creation of more new private sector jobs in the last three years than Bush created in eight.

They rescued the American auto industry.

They have reversed a decline in manufacturing jobs that has been going on for decades, and have also significantly increased U.S. exports.

We are talking about a guy whose favorite thing to do, at nearly every city he visits, is to take a factory tour. Why does he do that? To attack free enterprise? Judging by the welcomes the president receives from factory workers and managers, they do not seem to perceive those visits as an attack on their mission.

Here, for example, is President Obama with the CEO of General Electric. You wonder why these captains of industry are colluding with the president's attacks on free enterprise:

And what's with these workers at the Siemens factory? Don't they realize the president is just casing the joint to plan another attack on the free enterprise system?

Here are some more dupes explaining to the president how they make stuff, so he can pick up more information to use in his attacks on the free enterprise system. 

Here is President Obama crashing a Boeing plant. It's amazing what a crowd he can gather to watch him attack the free enterprise system.

Lots more people trying to get a shot of the president. Why are they so anxious to take pictures of him attacking their jobs and their workplace? 

Have you had enough of the Romney campaign making stuff up?

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