Monday, June 4, 2012

The opposition's take on "forward."

It's only been a few weeks, but the opposition attack machine has already generated quite a few scary images and comments on the subject of  the Obama campaign's new slogan "Forward," most of them trying to link this theme to the failed promises of communism and socialism. We've seen those posters for years, however, in the style of old Soviet propaganda, with Obama as a Lenin figure. Nothing new there.

But "forward" has also inspired some new images of Obama taking us over a cliff. I guess these images are supposed to represent fear of the future, or fear of the consequences of our mounting deficit, or a warning that even though it hasn't happened yet, Obama's policies are about to lead us to some kind of looming disaster. Anyway, here is one of my favorites in this vein:

Movie buffs will recognize the image from the dramatic finale of Thelma and Louise, in which our two heroines are cornered, leaving them only one path of escape: death. How does this image symbolize the policies of the Obama administration? Recall that Thelma and Louise is the story of two women seeking freedom and a better life. After they turn to crime, they become the targets of an expanding police manhunt. Eventually, they cannot even contemplate being sent either to a real prison or the prison of their former repressed lives, and choose suicide. In a way, they choose to drive off the cliff, but more accurately, they were cornered, and felt they had no other options.

The president's opponents who seize on images like this one (I wonder if they got the studio's permission) must therefore represent Harvey Keitel and his posse. They hate the ideas of freedom and a better life espoused by Obama's supporters so much that they must hunt them down and drive them off a cliff. To me, that says more about the opposition than it does about the hopes and dreams of Obama supporters. The image doesn't strike me as a good representation of where the president is leading the country: remember that in the movie, nobody is following the car over the cliff. What this image instead illustrates is the desire of the opposition to hound the Obama movement to its own untimely demise.

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  1. Nothing says "forward" like blaming the guy behind you.