Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good news

According to an article in Bloomberg, the Romney campaign asked Governor Rick Scott of Florida to downplay his recent statements that unemployment is heading down. I am trying to imagine the conversation.

Romney staffer: We hear Governor Scott has been going around bragging about how the economy in Florida is improving.

Scott staffer: That's right. Have you seen Governor Scott's poll numbers lately? He really needs some good news or people with torches and pitchforks are going to start marching on the state capital.

Romney staffer: I sympathize, but it's presenting kind of a problem for the national campaign. If you're telling people that unemployment is going down, the voters might give President Obama credit for that.

Scott staffer: Isn't Governor Romney going to have to deal with the facts as they are? And isn't Romney going to lay out his own economic plan at some point? In the meantime, we have to tell people what a great job Governor Scott is doing, or we're in big trouble here.

Romney staffer: In case you haven't noticed, it hasn't been a big part of Romney's strategy so far to deal with reality. And his plans are still under wraps. So we have to just keep telling people that everything is getting worse and worse, and it's all Obama's fault. We are very nervous about good news.

Scott staffer: So what are we supposed to do?

Romney staffer: Well, how about if you say something like this: The economy is still terrible, and that's all President Obama's fault, and Governor Scott is trying to do the best he can under the circumstances. But things won't really get better until we elect Romney for president.

Scott staffer: You really think people are going to buy that? It sounds a little confusing to me.

Romney staffer: Just wait until we bombard the people of Florida with negative commercials. They'll start believing the world is coming to an end, no matter what is happening in reality. So they'll just laugh at Governor Scott anyway if he tries to tell them things are getting better.  I mean, do you want him to sound like President Obama?

Scott staffer: I get it. You're trying to make people depressed, and keep the economy in the toilet at least until November.

Romney staffer: Obviously. We can't win if people think things are improving. That's the bottom line. Now, is Governor Scott on board with that or not?

Scott staffer: Well, should I tell the governor that you actually want him to make things worse around here, or do you just want him to start telling people that things are getting worse?

Romney staffer: If the governor could do something that would actually throw a lot of people out of work, that would be really fantastic. But we'll settle for him just scaring people.

Scott staffer: I will pass on the message.

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