Monday, June 11, 2012

Firing people doesn't create jobs.

This really shouldn't be so hard to understand. If we fire people from their jobs--whether public or private employees--that creates more unemployment. And it doesn't help the economy. And if we hire more people--again, whether public or private employees--that actually creates more jobs and reduces unemployment. To believe otherwise is to be blinded by anti-government ideology in the face of all evidence. Did Mitt Romney not understand that lesson from his tenure as Massachusetts governor, when he caused the layoffs of a lot of public employees? Evidently not.


  1. Job Creators goals aren't to create jobs , well not here in the United States at least, but to create Galt's Gulch but with 99% of the American people doing all the work the supposed Randian Uber-Heroes are only capable of...

  2. I am waiting for my sizeable check from you.

    Then, I will be able to afford your services. Thanks Joe!

    Bernard Madoff