Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Once again, Jon Stewart proves that if you watch the news, especially Fox News, all you will see will be snippets of information taken out of context to prove the point the "news" organization is trying to prove. If you want context, if you want historical background, if you want factual accuracy, you have to watch . . . Jon Stewart:

To the extent the Republican opposition has been able to muster a coherent response to the president's decision to stop deporting young people meeting certain criteria, they first said President Obama's actions are unprecedented. Stewart shows that is false. Next they said President Obama should have acted through Congress while the Democrats controlled it. Stewart shows that the Democrats tried to pass the Dream Act through Congress, and would have passed it, except for a Republican filibuster in the Senate in December 2010. Finally, Fox almost got Jon Stewart by showing that President Obama himself admitted last year that he did not have authority to do what he did. Except that, of course, if you play the rest of the clip, the president actually said the opposite.

What's also funny about this is that I've been reading some Republican reaction to the clips that were shown of Mitt Romney acting amazed about touch screen computers in convenience stores. Romney supporters say the MSNBC story was unfair because it did not show the whole clip where Romney explains that private enterprise is more efficient and innovative than government. I'm not sure how showing more of Romney's speech would have changed anything, but fine, whatever. You want context, show some context when you are talking about President Obama's press conference when he described the performance of the private sector as doing "fine." Last time I checked, however, the Romney campaign was running ads repeating those few words endlessly, instead of seriously trying to understand them and place them in context.

Since, like Jon Stewart, I try to provide the complete context, historical background and analysis that is lacking in the mainstream media, if you click on the links above, you will get all of that context and understanding both about Mitt Romney's recent touchscreen remarks, as well as President Obama's "doing fine" remark.

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  1. Well done by John Stewart! Thanks for sharing that.