Wednesday, May 9, 2012

North Carolina

With unofficial results out from the North Carolina State Board of Elections, we can now unequivocally declare the winner of yesterday's presidential primary is . . . Barack Obama.

In the Republican primary, facing no real opposition (unless you want to count Ron Paul as real opposition, and  if so, we should talk), Mitt Romney scored a total of 634,842 votes, or 65% of the votes cast in that primary.

In the Democratic primary, also facing no real opposition, President Obama racked up 759,483 votes, or 79% of the total in the Democratic primary.

If we were to combine all the votes cast in both the Republican and Democratic primaries in North Carolina yesterday, Romney would have 32.9% of that total, and Obama would have 39.4%. All in all, a decisive victory for the president.

I have seen some reports trying to make a point about the size of the protest vote against President Obama, especially in West Virginia. (Should we perhaps consider West Virginia a special case? I don't believe it is a state the Obama campaign is counting on.) But this result in North Carolina, which is a true swing state, seems more like a fair contest. And in that contest, Obama beat Romney by a hefty margin of 124,641 votes.

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