Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Below, a video of John Heilemann talking about his article in New York magazine predicting that the Obama campaign plans an all-out brawl with Mitt Romney, who just clinched the GOP nomination this week. The brawl has already started, as anyone watching the news can tell. Is that the end of positive messages from the Obama campaign, as Heilemann asserts? Does that mean the end of hope and change?

I think this is a false choice. There is no inconsistency between exposing Romney's record and the false premises of Romney's campaign, and President Obama's promise that his campaign is still about hope and change. What's wrong with telling the truth about Mitt Romney? Why shouldn't the Obama campaign fight back against unfair attacks? And why can't Obama still present a hopeful message regarding the administration's own plans? That is no more inconsistent than the administration's policies of attacking terrorists without mercy, while simultaneously trying to lift the prospects of American workers. Can the campaign attack its adversaries while it simultaneously presents a positive vision of a second term? Yes we can!

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