Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goodbye Richard Lugar

In other primary news from yesterday, we can lament the end of Richard Lugar's 36 year Senate career. It's disheartening to watch voters reject a distinguished public servant like Lugar, who had more knowledge of foreign policy in particular than almost any other Senator, because it shows how little this year's voters seem to prize intelligence, knowledge and experience. Instead, they chose a candidate who has pledged never to compromise with the Senate Democrats, and whose idea of bi-partisanship is expecting that Democrats will come around to the Republican point of view. Yes, Richard Mourdock actually said that yesterday.  If enough Republicans share that view, that means they do not expect to get anything done in Congress until they obtain a working majority.

If this primary choice results in a pick-up for the Democrats, I say it will serve these extreme Republican voters right. Meanwhile, it is still sad to lose a Senator of the caliber of Richard Lugar, strongly conservative in his views, but still someone who respected opposing opinions, and knew that compromise is often necessary to get anything done. 

Here's a preview of Richard Mourdock's maiden speech in the Senate, should the rest of the Indiana electorate be foolish enough to elect him in November:

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  1. I think it's disgusting he was in office for 36 years. That's way too long. The guy was anti-2nd Amendment and went against his constituents' wishes.

    See ya!

    Hopefully 1600 Pennsylvania Ave changed hands too.