Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here are some shots, from the MTA Expo Line website, of the nearly-completed new Expo light rail line set to open at the end of this month, which will run from downtown LA to Culver City, and eventually to Santa Monica.

In the meantime, planning continues on the Regional Connector which will link the terminus of the Expo and Blue Lines at Seventh Street downtown with the current terminus of the Gold Line at Union Station. When completed, Los Angeles will have an integrated light rail network from Santa Monica all the way to Claremont and possibly Ontario, and from Long Beach to East LA.

Also in the works is a planned downtown streetcar system that should represent a vast improvement over the network of shuttle buses that currently serves the area. Los Angeles used to have the most extensive streetcar system in the world, but it was all gradually abandoned by the 1960's in deference to the automobile. Now we have realized the error of our ways, and are gradually re-building a new light rail system, a vital component of the goals of reducing our dependence on cars, and creating a more liveable city.

(MTA photos)

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