Sunday, March 4, 2012

AIPAC speech



  1. I'm curious what you think of this:

  2. I only watched a couple of minutes. I'm fine with people expressing a point of view, but when they start with the ominous music and the unidentified voices, that is a big turn off for me.

  3. I watched all of both tapes. The President is in a tough spot. He reminds me of a manager of two co-workers who cannot stand eachother. Neither is perfect but one is relatively well behaved and one is trouble -- and is in trouble. The manager focuses some attention on the troubled worker; hurting the feelings of the more well behaved and productive worker who is used to having their way. The key, I think, is to maintain respect and productivity of the most valued worker while lifting the troublesome worker. There is no question who will be fired if one has to go!

    The tapes -- side by side -- make the listener pay attention to (as Obama said) words vs deeds. They both have some validity.