Friday, February 24, 2012

Feel the excitement

as Detroit welcomes Mitt Romney home!

It looks like there might have been almost as many people outside, supporting somebody who was not speaking:

Does anyone doubt that President Obama could fill Ford Field to the rafters, if he decided to hold a rally there, tomorrow?

UPDATE: Now that I've read more about this speech, it might be a bit unfair to make fun of Romney for failing to fill up a stadium, and I feel a little guilty for jumping on the bandwagon. (not guilty enough to delete the post, but still a little guilty). Apparently, the football stadium venue was only chosen at the last minute because the original place sold out too quickly. So the problem was not lack of enthusiasm  for Romney's speech, but perhaps more enthusiasm than anticipated. And the fault may lie with the Detroit Economic Club, which chose such a ridiculous venue for what was intended to be a serious policy address to a limited, well-heeled crowd. Unfortunately for Romney, however, whatever he said at his speech today was overshadowed by stories and pictures of an empty stadium. At the very least, Romney ends up looking inept and tone-deaf. Appearances count for a lot in a campaign, and these pictures might end up being as harmful for Governor Romney as the pictures of Governor Dukakis posing on top of a tank in the 1988 presidential campaign, even though in both cases the candidates might have been perfectly innocent.

So perhaps in the future I should concentrate on the content of Romney's statements, rather than his presentation. That still gives me plenty of material to work with. (In today's speech, for example, we could talk about Romney's attempt to ingratiate himself with his audience by telling them that his wife drives "a couple of Cadillacs." Good for her. I'm sure all the people of Michigan with a couple of Cadillacs in the garage now feel you are one of them.)

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