Monday, January 9, 2012

Tone Deaf

This is the supposed front-runner for the Republican nomination? A guy who says he likes firing people? That is what he wants to tell voters on the campaign trail who are worried about high unemployment, and looking for help in creating more jobs?

Nobody needs to explain Romney's point to me. I get it. He is talking about health insurance companies, and believes people should be able to get rid of those that provide poor service.  But what a poor choice of words to make his point! So Mitt, let me help you out here, because I want you to try to put your best foot forward: What you need to do, Mitt, is tell people that you want to empower them; that you want them to have choices. Don't tell them you enjoy firing people. That just plays into every image your opponents want to use to portray you as the rich, powerful, callous, Wall Street tycoon who puts profits above people. That is not the way to inspire confidence. That is not the way to make people worried about their own economic viability feel that you are on their side.

You might think, Mitt, that what people want is to be like you, to be able to order other people around, and fire those who are not providing you with good service. And at some level people might enjoy fantasizing about playing that part. But first and foremost, Mitt, people are worried about their own personal security. They identify with the person being fired, more than they aspire to be the one doing the firing. And one reason your campaign raises so many doubts, Mitt, is that you identify with the people doing the firing much more than with those who are afraid of being fired.

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