Monday, January 9, 2012

New Hampshire

The opening rounds of the 2012 campaign are making me nostalgic for 2008. For one reason, because the Republicans are getting all the attention this year, and these Republican candidates are not particularly inspiring or uplifting. For another reason, because there is no rising candidate like the one below to watch. For the Republican candidates about to get defeated in the New Hampshire primary, which is all but one of them, you could learn something from the video below. THIS is how you use adversity to your advantage; this is how you invoke the tides of history; this is how you turn a concession speech into a rallying cry for eventual victory:

1 comment:

  1. Wow, he gave a good one!
    Over the top good.

    Moving forward; how good was Ann Romney? She is a rock star. That woman can deliver a speech. Mother of five, survivor of multiple sclerosis, and strong. She will be one of the most imposing first ladys I can remember in the white house outside of Hillary Clinton if given the chance.

    As for candidate Romney, his speech was not as exciting as Obama's in 2008 but he eviscerated President Obama if an undecided was listening.