Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mitt Romney, serial killer?

I do not approve of all this unregulated political advertising that the Supreme Court has let loose, as readers of this blog should know. It is scandalous and unfair that we allow such unregulated content to be disseminated. We should not allow all kinds of irresponsible things to be said without any way to determine for sure who paid for the ads. Super PACS should be banned, or at least their donors should be identified.

No one should say anything like the title of this post, and I would never endorse such a view. Irresponsible and scandalous videos like the one below should not be copied or disseminated on the web. No one should pay any attention to them. I would never endorse such a video, and I urge everyone not to watch it, no matter how funny they might think it is, or how much it might serve people right.

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