Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa, part 2

You would expect heavy voter turnout for a closely contested race, with non-stop media attention, in the first state in the nation to weigh in on the presidential nomination process. Inspired by all of that hoopla, and no doubt eager to play a decisive role in choosing the next president, more than 120,000 participants (out of more than 2 million registered voters) attended the Republican caucuses. At this writing, the race is heading for an exciting photo finish, so the attention continues.

But how do you attract attention to another race whose result is a foregone conclusion, one that is receiving no media attention whatsoever? Why would anyone at all, aside from a few party stalwarts, even show up for that? Yet somehow, the Iowa Democratic caucuses tonight managed to attract remarkable SRO crowds, just to watch the president give a video shout-out to his supporters, and sign up thousands of volunteers for the fall campaign:

Keep counting on me to bring you the news the mainstream media is ignoring.  And don't worry about counting all the votes on the Republican side. The winner of the Iowa caucuses, as I predicted yesterday, is Barack Obama.

UPDATE (1/5):  According to the Iowa Democratic Party, President Obama won 98.4% of the delegates elected, despite some efforts in Democratic caucuses to gather votes for "uncommitted." In the Republican caucuses, no candidate won more than 25% of the vote.

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