Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Newt Gingrich urges voters to support Obama.

Here is Newt Gingrich telling a gay voter in Iowa that if marriage equality is of highest importance to him, he should support Obama for re-election:

Shortly after this encounter, I picture an elderly person telling Gingrich that protecting her Medicare benefits is of utmost concern. Gingrich would have to respond, "You should probably support Obama too." Then a student could have shouted out that he was worried about the high cost of education. Gingrich would say, "I guess you'd better support Obama."

Next a serviceman might have come up and told Gingrich he was glad to be home from Iraq. Gingrich would have no choice but to shrug, "I guess you're supporting Obama." And someone else in the crowd could argue that while the previous administration had cost us about a trillion dollars in foreign wars, Obama was managing one foreign policy triumph after another with minimal use of force. Gingrich would tell that person he should support Obama too.

Somebody else might have pointed out that Obama was trying to extend the payroll tax reduction, while House Republicans have been blocking that measure. Gingrich must respond that if middle class tax relief is anyone's priority, they had better vote for Obama also. Then someone could have yelled out that we should be raising taxes on the top 1%, not on the middle class. Gingrich would have to yell back that if people think that, they should probably support Obama.

Then I can imagine Gingrich looking around for his remaining supporters, and finding the place empty.


  1. This is a great example of what happens when people (far left and right) are so fixated on _their_ solution to problems that they are no longer able to be part of a realistic solution.

    The far left and right are two peas in a pod. Both have a deserved dismal approval rating.

  2. Love this piece! I could not have said it better...