Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Party of ?

After voting down the President's proposed American Jobs Act, Senate Republicans decided they better come up with their own jobs plan, which they finally unveiled today. As Senator Graham said, "We have to be for something." Good for you, Lindsey Graham! No more "Party of No"!  It's about time that the Republicans start acting like a party in favor of something or other.

Let's take a look at the Republican plan and find out what the Republicans are for. First of all, according to the AP story, the bill makes sure to include nothing that would overlap in any way whatsoever with Obama's plan. So one thing we know that the Republicans are for is being against any idea that the president supports. Next, the bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act, what the Republicans like to call Obamacare. So we know that the Republicans are in favor of "no Obamacare." I guess that means we also know that the Republicans are for passing a bill that they know for certain will be vetoed by the president. (Mitch McConnell criticized the president's jobs bill as a political charade, since the president should have known that anything he proposed would be unanimously opposed by the Republicans. Republicans know that their bill will never become law either; wouldn't McConnell have to agree it is a charade also?)

The Republican "jobs" bill would also repeal last year's financial reform legislation, so we know that the Republicans are in favor of being against financial reform. And also a moratorium on regulations, so we see that Republicans are for not having any new regulations. The Republican proposal also includes cutting taxes and cutting spending of course. But going along with priority number one above, they would cut different taxes than the Obama plan would cut. (Obama wants to cut payroll taxes; Republicans want to cut the top marginal rate down to 25%)

To recap, here is what the Republicans' jobs plan is for: NO to anything that the president might sign, NO to health care, NO to regulation, and NO to taxes. Maybe it would be fair to call the Republican jobs plan, the NO jobs plan.

(Results of Republicans' previous jobs plan shown in red; Democrats' current plan in blue: actual historical data, 2008-11) Doesn't this chart clearly demonstrate that what we need is more blue and less red?


  1. I wouldn't expect any positive reaction from you, the Dems or the President on the jobs bill from the Republicans. Both sides are ignoring one another out of hand at this point.

    I had hoped you would be more straight forward about what the house has tried to do this year relative to jobs while being blocked by the Dems. How can you saw that Republicans have not offered a jobs creation plan before this bill? House Republicans offered one in May.

    In fact, the House has passed 11 bills to ease regulations on business and make it easier to drill for oil and gas (that alone creatinge 1.2 million jobs by some estimates). None of the 11 have come up for a vote in the Senate.

    You and Obama paint Republicans as obstructionists -- that's fair in some cases; just as the Dems are obstructing the Repubs now and will be in 2012 and 2013.

    While both act to block bills by the other, it is fair to note that both sides are offering solutions they believe are real, albeit very different ones. You won't agree, but most Americans think repealing Obamacare would be a job creator, and that in place, it is one of the reasons (regulations and corporate taxes being some others) that businesses are waiting to expand and hire or moving overseas.

  2. I think if you want to put forward something you call a "jobs bill," you have an obligation to submit some evidence that it will actually create jobs. Show me a report by some experts. Show me a working model of some other country that has dismantled all of its social services and repealed all of its regulations, and has produced prosperity as a result. Somalia perhaps?

    Otherwise what I will respond is that the last time we tried the formula the Republicans are proposing we got the biggest loss of jobs in modern history.

  3. I follow along pretty closely and I don't think Republicans want to dismantle all of our social services or repeal all of our regulations.

    Do you agree that if we became an economy based on natural gas that it might be helpful? Or that is we opened up oil production that it would immediately produce jobs? How about altering corporate tax rates; might that help to bring home money from overseas?

    My real point, I think parts of Obama's jobs bill would be effective and would definitely create short term jobs. Parts of it are not helpful, we there for political reasons and will be stripped out.

    At the same time I think parts of the Republican jobs bill would be effective in creating long term jobs growth and encouraging economic growth. Other parts of it should be stripped out and considered at another time. They are political theater.

    The far left and far right need to stop the hystrionics. Between the two bills there are some really good ideas. Can we blend them? I bet you and I could sit down and blend them into something very helpful to America.