Monday, September 5, 2011


Here's President Obama in  Detroit offering a sneak peak at the jobs speech he is planning to give this Thursday. Of course it will offer the most popular kind of infrastructure spending, the kind of jobs program that pretty much everybody understands and supports.

And here's a preview of the Republican response to the president's upcoming speech:


  1. Thank goodness we can still have a sense of humor!

    Listening to Obama and union leaders on Labor Day I am struck by how few "workers" they chose to directly represent. The tea party is made up of hard workers. The unions are made up of hard workers. The rest of us (the vast majority of workers) are hard workers. The Prez fumbles another opportunity!

  2. I'm looking forward to Obama's speech AFTER the Clownfest on Wednesday night. The contrast will be remarkable!

  3. I will be watching as well, both nights. The difference between you and I, Sue, is that I don't have high expectations for either night.

    Why? Because I am not an ideologue so I am not emotionally invloved with a candidate or a party. My view: what we will hear will be dancing around the edges of job creation. To be sure, any job is important to the man or woman getting the job -- but long term structural change is what we need as a cure -- not band aides.

    Both Wed and Thurs will provide _some_ good ideas, but they are so far removed from what this country actually needs to structurally alter our future it is sad (and mad).

    I don't expect you to agree. If you did you would be less excited than you are. Still, I like your spirit!

  4. I do have alot of spirit!

    My thoughts, YES we do need a desperate change in this country, President Obama actually agrees with that, the Republican party does not. That is why I'm sticking by Obama, the smartest man in Washington. Now can we work on getting a Democratic filibuster proof majority in Congress so we can see REAL change along with the Hope we all still have?

  5. OMG Joe - that video is PERFECT!!!!!!

  6. The jobs problem has not been a party issue. Both Dems and Repub have ignored structural issues for the past twenty years. I have not seen Obama or either party of congress address them. To create real sustainable jobs we need to alter the direction of the flow of money out of this country. There are trillions of dollars being lost that are at play. That must be changed. It’s not about shovel ready jobs. Building bridges and schools are a good idea. I agree. But those will not alter our path in any sustainable way.

    Currently, both parties are bought and paid for. It’s not about one the other. It’s not the tea party or Obama or progressives. It’s the larger picture that includes trade, taxes and banking.