Friday, September 9, 2011


Here's a video of President Obama today on what might be the first stop of his Harry Truman Memorial Whistle Stop Tour of America. I got that idea from an article in the Daily Beast today making the comparison between Truman's situation and Obama's. Even though I don't think that President Obama has sunk nearly as low in public approval as Truman did in 1947, there are still some interesting parallels. If Obama starts railing about the "do nothing Congress," which is a theme he seems to be warming up to, and if next November, we see him holding up what we hope will be an erroneous headline saying "Romney (or Perry, or Bachmann, or whomever) defeats Obama," we'll know we have come full circle.


  1. Truman only had to deal with weeks of rhetoric. Obama has 14 months to deal with. The debate will soon shift from his proposed spending to deficit reduction as required by the Super Committee.

  2. My impression was that Truman had a pretty hard time for most of his years in office. And as for the super committee, it might get a lot of media attention, but nothing that it is doing is going to have any immediate impact on anybody. Their whole debate is about things that might happen five or six years from now, and therefore it is fairly irrelevant to our lives today.

  3. I agree, but the noise will be deafening.