Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It's good that I publish my own blog, otherwise I would just yell and throw stuff at the TV. So here are some follow-up questions I would have liked to ask at the Republican debate tonight:

-Didn't we already try that de-regulating and tax cutting idea back during the Bush administration?  And how did that work out for us?

-Congressman Paul, you seriously think the airlines did a better job handling security screenings than the TSA? Or are you just suffering from a memory lapse?

-How does a border fence stop people who enter the country with a valid tourist visa? Oh, and Congressman Paul, explain that again about how a border fence is going to be used to keep Americans from leaving the country.

-Congressman Paul, you seriously think the drug companies should be able to put whatever they want in a bottle and claim whatever they want about it?

-Governor Perry, if you want the federal government to stay out of the states' business, why do you keep calling the feds for disaster relief?

-Governor Perry, do you know what a Ponzi scheme actually is?

-Governor Perry, have you ever met a real scientist?

-Governor Romney, explain that again about how Romneycare is good, and Obamacare is bad.

-Congresswoman Bachmann, explain that again about how the trillion dollar war in Iraq was a good idea, but the couple of billion dollar action in Libya is going to break the bank.

-Did you guys know that the president doesn't have the power to fire the chairman of the Federal Reserve?

-Newt, what are you still doing here? Did you feel the need to remind us that Alaska is even larger than Texas?

This was a debate in which the guy who bragged that he put more people to death than anyone else on the stage gets the most applause of the night. And found nothing interesting or ironic about that. This was a debate where we needed Rick Santorum to explain the need to create a new super-department called Homeland Security. And we needed Jon Huntsman to remind us that immigrants--legal or illegal--are human beings. Thanks for some brief glimpses of reality, Rick and Jon.


  1. Well, Joe, Paul did say in the debate that it was Government regulations that kept pilots from arming themselves. Oddly, after 9-11, the Government changed that regulation.


  2. Nobody thinks that all regulations are good. But nobody except maybe Ron Paul thinks that all regulations are bad either. And you can't use one bad regulation to prove that all regulations are bad. That is just elementary logic.

  3. I wasn't proving all regulations are bad, I was responding to one of your "questions" which was specifically directed at that one topic.