Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peace is hard.

President Obama's address to the UN General Assembly today:


  1. A heartfelt speech. I enjoyed it. I do expect it provides quite a bit of late night comedy material. Not a bad thing :-)

  2. Yea it's even harder when you're playing politics with the Palestinians and Israelis. Guess that's why Jews are dropping their support of Obama.

  3. The people who are playing politics with Palestinians and Israelis are the Republicans in Congress who have been fawning over Netanyahu. What the president is trying to do is help make a peace agreement. And if it is costing him politically with the Jews (which I don't think it is) then that only disproves your point that he is playing politics.

    Besides, if you watch the speech, I think you would have to agree that President Obama could not have been much stronger in supporting the Israeli position that direct negotiations, not a General Assembly vote, is the way to bring about a two state solution.