Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hope and Change in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah just granted women in his country the right to vote in municipal elections. Women in Saudi Arabia still can't drive legally, however. How are women responsible enough to vote, but not yet emancipated enough to drive, I wonder. Then again, I wonder how my kids, who just got their licenses this year, are considered responsible enough to drive (they're not!), but they won't be old enough to vote until after next year's elections. They are probably just as well informed as a lot of voters over 18, and they are also going to be more affected by the decisions Americans make in elections next year than most older voters. Which country has it backwards?

I'll continue to ponder that question, but in the meantime, given the theme of this blog, I feel some obligation to post news of whatever seems to be progress in a positive direction. 

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  1. It won't happen for several years (if at all) and they still won't be allowed to drive a car.