Friday, September 23, 2011


I thought I might write something tonight about roads and bridges, but I got distracted thinking about Rick Santorum, of all people. So I'll just let the president speak for himself. What he is saying seems so obvious and common-sensical anyway, I'm not sure there is much to add. Watch this video, because even if you don't like this speech--but how could anyone not like this speech?--it's still interesting to watch the endless stream of trucks passing over the rusty bridge.


  1. It was a good speech by the president... and Rick man-on-dog-Santorum is a MORON!! The teabagger cheers after his extreme remarks to please those horrible people was a clear look inside the minds of these extremists. Be afraid, be very afraid...the teabaggers are truly frightening! This minority of TB's are on a mission, and it looks like the GOP has no intention of quieting their extreme agenda for America. But how could they?-and why do they bow to them?- because without the TB's the Republican party would have zero support!

  2. Oh my ... Sue is on fire! That's helpful.

    Objectively, the speech in Cincinnati made the President look a bit small. On a day the market dropped 400 points, when there is a global recession, he is talking in front of and using about a bridge as a prop. A bridge that is already set to be replaced. That work will begin in 2015, after environmental analyses and acquisition of rights of way. This is not a shovel ready project due to government red tape. McConnell and Boehner both have supported the bridge project.

    What has become apparent in the middle of our global crisis is that our President, Euro leaders and the banks have perpetuated a lie to all of us. There has been no reform. While bridges and roads are important to us the critical issues at hand are ignored by both parties.

    It is alarming that progressives and conservatives that have a forum will not speak out.

  3. OK, maybe the bridge is just a symbol, but roads and bridges should be apple pie, and a proposal to inject $450 billion into the economy this year is not small stuff.

    I have my little forum, and I'm happy to speak out and say, let's just get this done and we will demonstrate that we can get something done. If we can't it's hard to see how we can tackle any other problems that need attention.

  4. I respect your forum. And roads and bridges are apple pie!

    To be clear, I was pointing at elected officials in office, from both parties, who understand the critical issues and refuse to make them front and center. The Dems and Repubs are equally guilty.

    My view, this is not a jobs bill and is a poorly thought ought stimulus project; as President Clinton said.

    As well, leaving your valued opinions aside, bigotry is not helpful. I find it interesting that the people who protest bigotry the loudest are quite often bigots. As I suggested in my remarks relative to "pleasure"; negativity and uncertainty seem to be high on the list of pleasures for some ideologues. That is curious, because it serves little purpose other than to make the bigot feel better themselves; at the same time undermining a far left or far right position with people who are still open minded.

    Angry views that are not well thought out will not decide the election -- unless they push the undecided to the other side. If you asked those people if they cared about undermining their own cause, I would suggest they do not. The pleasure they get from the negativity out weighs a negative consequence. How ironic.

  5. Two Heads of One Monster: