Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Make it Thursday.

If it were me, if it were almost anyone else you can think of, the natural reaction to Speaker Boehner's insult would be outrage. This is the President of the United States we are talking about. He is asking to address a Joint Session of Congress on an issue of national importance. He checked with the Speaker before announcing it. There is only one possible answer. You don't say, sorry we can't get the place cleaned up before that. You don't whine about how it conflicts with the 3rd or 4th Republican candidate joke of a presidential debate that hardly anybody was going to watch anyway. You just say, fine, we'd be honored to have the President address a Joint Session of Congress. But because it is the new Republican House majority still trying to one-up the President, they have to play games and try to humiliate the President one more time, in as petty a way as possible, and see if they can get a rise out of the guy.

And since it is Barack Obama we are talking about, and not you or me or just about anyone else who would fall for that kind of trap, the President just says, fine, no problem, Wednesday September 7 is not convenient for you, well then let's do it on Thursday. Thank you very much. We need to move on and talk about more important things.

                                                                        (SOTU 2011)

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