Friday, August 26, 2011

Blame Obama

As Hurricane Irene barrels up the East Coast, Republican leaders must be huddling to plan their response to the crisis. I had a chance to conduct an imaginary interview with some of them. I asked Senate Minority Leader McConnell how Republicans with responsible leadership positions in the government are going to solve the problems presented by this natural disaster. "Of course our number one goal," responded Senator McConnell, " will be to figure out how we can blame this disaster, and any mistakes anybody might make in dealing with it, on President Obama. We are already formulating our talking points so that we can immediately mobilize all of the appropriate personnel to go on all the major news shows and attack the president for his disgraceful failure to respond appropriately to this crisis."  That sounds very constructive, I told the Senator.

Next I asked Speaker Boehner if he planned to introduce any legislation in the House to help with the expected costs of clean-up and recovery. "We have just completed a very successful Congressional session in which we managed to get almost nothing constructive done for more than six months. We couldn't even raise the debt ceiling without causing a major crisis, and a downgrade of the country's credit rating. I'm proud to say that Congress is now held in lower esteem by the public than at almost any time in our nation's history." Why are you so proud of that, I wondered.  "Obviously, because people's disgust with the government is more likely to lead to Republican victory in the Presidential election next year. I mean, look how we were able to blame the federal deficit on President Obama, even though we know that about 80 to 90% of the deficit was caused by Bush's policies and by the recession. But despite the facts, we have gotten a large portion of the public to believe that the deficit is all Obama's fault. We are hoping to accomplish the same result with whatever other opportunities are handed to us. Even hurricanes."

Michele Bachmann butted in. "Can you believe how many natural disasters have been visited on us during President Obama's regime? This week one of the largest earthquakes in the history of the East Coast shook the capital. It damaged the Washington Monument, which has been standing untouched for over two hundred years since President Washington's administration. If President Obama had even the slightest amount of respect for our Founding Fathers, he would have cut short his vacation and come back to Washington to make sure this monument is repaired as soon as possible. These disasters -- first, the earthquake, and then the hurricane -- are obviously a sign from God. God wants Obamacare repealed, and we had better heed these warnings." Actually, I pointed out, the Washington Monument has only been standing for 125 years. "Don't try to correct me on my history," Bachmann replied. "I said that George Washington was president more than 200 years ago and I stand by that statement."

I thanked the group and told them I was glad to hear that they have so many good ideas for helping the country respond to this disaster.


  1. can't blame Obama, he was on vacation!

  2. Good point, Chad, but some people blamed him even for taking a vacation!

  3. An earthquake AND a tropical storm in New York! The northeast and media are asking "How will the markets react?!"