Friday, July 22, 2011

The Usefulness of Anger

It pains me sometimes to read comments by angry former Obama supporters who now see every action by the president as a personal betrayal. These people have turned to full-on hysterical panic mode lately as the president has proceeded to offer the Republicans one after another of the Democrats' sacred cows in an effort to make a grand bargain in the debt ceiling negotiations. You want cuts in Medicare? No problem. Social Security? I'll talk to my people about it. Big cuts in discretionary spending? We'll meet you more than half way. All you have to do, House Republicans, is agree to just a few teensy-weensy little revenue enhancements. If you want, we won't even call them taxes. We'll even limit them to the easiest to swallow bits of revenue. Change the depreciation schedule for corporate jets. Eliminate subsidies for oil and gas companies. Easy stuff like that.

Oh my God, the professional left starts screaming. This guy is the worst negotiator ever! Either that or he doesn't care about the progressive agenda at all. Or he's just as much a tool of the fat cats as the Republicans. Does he think we'll lift a finger to help him get re-elected next year? Maybe it's time to form a third party! These complainers seem to take everything at face value and never understood the high stakes poker game the president has been playing.

Tonight I've been interested to read over on that orange site that some of these distrusting or outraged fair weather supporters on the left are starting to understand the president's game. The brilliance of the president's strategy in these debt ceiling negotiations was made apparent when John Boehner was forced to walk away from the table, while the president is using the bully pulpit to the utmost to make the Republicans look like fools. At his press conference today (video below), President Obama made clear just how far he was willing to go to make a deal, while revealing that the Republicans are not willing to consider even a tiny amount of sacrifice by the wealthy and the most successful to help solve the deficit problem they profess to be interested in solving.

Now it has become clear that these screamers from the left were just playing the role that the president expected and needed them to play. The more these people helped prove that President Obama was facing tremendous heat from his base for his willingness to make cuts to favored Democratic programs, the more his hand was strengthened. That is because he showed the American people that he was willing to go the extra mile, but that the Republicans were not willing to raise one penny of revenue to help reduce the deficit. They would rather protect tax breaks for corporate jets than do anything to help ordinary people. The president has fully exposed the Republicans in Congress as caring more about the interests of the most privileged among us, than about any of the issues they claim to care about.

So thank you, all you crazy outraged progressives. You made the president look great tonight. 

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  1. Interesting spin. I think a lot of Libs will sit the next election out though.