Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twitter Town Hall

Herewith a sampler of some of the actual twitter questions that the president did not get a chance to answer today at the first-ever Twitter Town Hall at the White House:

If Dumbledore & Gandalf battled Voldemort & Sauron, who do you think would win and wouldn't it be awesome?

If a train leaves Boise at 3pm going east at 60mph and another leaves Cleveland at 2pm going west at 50mph, why are we in Libya?

What do you think is a better deal, 2 tacos for 99c at Jack in the Box or the 99c double cheeseburger at McDonalds?

Who he thinks he is fooling. This ideal socialist nation he is creating will be ran by stupid librals running USA into the ground.
What the fuck happened at the end of Lost?

Do you like my butt better in Wranglers or Levis?

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Does diet dr pepper REALLY taste like regular dr pepper?

Which ones are crocodiles and which ones are alligators? I can never remember.

Naturally, the most retweeted question was about legalizing marijuana, and the president did not answer that one either. Let's hope the president takes another opportunity to use this format so that he can get to all the important topics that Americans are really concerned about.


  1. Probably Voldemort and Sauron. Yes

    Because the trains are using too much fossil fuels and Libya is driving up the costs.

    Double cheeseburger.

    Is that a question?

    Apparently no mysteries were solved.


    Gay bars.


    I think crocodiles have thinner snouts.

  2. Good work, Jack. Have you considered running for president?

  3. The only good thing about this was Obama was limited to 140 characters.