Friday, July 29, 2011

Keep the calls and messages coming.

This has to be the most Capra-esque moment in the Obama presidency so far. He has basically given up on negotiating a solution directly with opposition leaders, who basically walked out on the negotiations. So he is going right over their heads to the American people asking them to flood their representatives' e-mail inboxes asking for help in getting this ridiculous debt ceiling debacle resolved. And now the president just launched a Twitter campaign (#compromise). So techy!

If this latest strategy works, it could mark only the beginning of a new kind of people power here in America.


  1. He is certainly trying to reach the American people and sway their opinions. I hope they see through his smoke screen.

  2. Lets be clear, the people calling their representatives are not calling and complaining by singling out Repeublicans. They are furious at all of Congress as well as the President. As they should be. Recall, the President and Senate Dems should have passed a bill much more to their liking last year.

  3. Let's break it down Kevin. Republicans are furious at the Democrats because they won't completely capitulate to everything the House Republicans want. And Democrats are furious at Republicans because they will not agree to one nickel of revenue increases to deal with the deficit problem--not even to change the depreciation schedule for corporate jets. And moderates are furious that the two sides can't just compromise and make a deal.

    And if you ask me, I'm kind of annoyed that they are dealing with the long term deficit problem AT ALL right now. We already passed a budget for this year, and it makes no sense to be talking about hypothetical spending cuts OR tax increases five or ten years from now. Which is all this debate is about. What we should be talking about is getting everyone employed, which probably would take an even bigger short term deficit. Because increasing employment would do more good than anything else to reduce future deficits. It would increase tax revenue, and reduce spending on things like food stamps and unemployment insurance benefits, which are costing hundreds of billions right now. And if next year we just let taxes go back to where they were under Clinton, much of the deficit would disappear. So if there are more people out there like me, then I guess there is a whole fourth category of people who are furious that Congress is working on exactly the wrong issue right now. It would be as if your house was burning down, and you decided that the best way to deal with that would be to go downtown and re-negotiate your mortgage. It's not your immediate problem.

  4. I don't think you are a fourth category. I think you just stated my position. And since Progressives and Conservatives are minorities in America you sound like a centrist. That's refreshing :-)

    Nice interview with Harrison. I agree with Liberals and Conservatives on the most important things in life: family, love, respect (where due), truth and justice (both should feed into peace).

    Politics don't make up the most important issues in our lives. It just feels like it until something goes wrong in those critical other areas of life. Then we gain some needed perspective for awhile.

  5. Joe: Bumped into your blog quite by accident. I look forward to debate on the issues going forward. Fair warning: I'm in the Eugene Volokh camp.

  6. All points of view are welcome here!