Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just raise it already.

I'm fairly tired of talking about the debt ceiling negotiations. I realized today that I've already written about eight blog posts on this topic. Enough is enough. Even though this debate has reached a level of complexity that is unprecedented in my lifetime, and even though the political dynamics of this stalemate are fairly interesting, those of us who enjoy this stuff have said about all there is to say on this subject. At the end of the day, all it is is the debt ceiling. We raise it all the time, and we have to do it again right now. Time's up. So it is time to say, enough! Just raise the debt ceiling. Just raise it. Right now. Tomorrow. I'm talking to you, Congress. It's simple to do, so do it. It's past time to raise the debt ceiling. I'm serious.

Raise it. Congress has no choice but to do it, so just do it already. Tack on whatever agreement you want to make about future spending cuts or revenue increases--it's not like you're going to stick to whatever plan you make anyway--just raise the stupid debt ceiling. Was it really necessary to make the president lecture the American people about the debt ceiling? Why? People have better things to think about.

Why don't you quit fooling around and raise the debt ceiling? Nobody has found a way to avoid borrowing more money this year, so just raise the debt ceiling. We already incurred these obligations. We have to pay them. We don't want to shut down the government; we don't want to raise taxes this year; we don't want to default; we don't want markets to crash and interest rates to rise. So just go ahead and raise the debt ceiling.

Enough games. Enough grandstanding. Have you noticed that people are impatient with you? Have you noticed that every day the public's opinion of Congress goes down another notch? You guys are not doing yourselves any favors. You have to raise the debt ceiling, so just go ahead and do it. Everybody has had their fun with this issue. Now it is time to just raise the debt ceiling. There are only a few members of Congress who say we don't have to do this. Let's get real here. I'm sorry, but anybody who says we don't need to raise the debt ceiling right now just doesn't know what they're talking about. End of story. Nobody has to listen to those crackpots. They don't deserve any more time on the news. Tell them to shut up, and just raise the debt ceiling. It's time.

Congress raised the debt ceiling for Bush. More than once. More than more than once. You raised it for Clinton. You raised it for the first Bush. You raised it for Reagan. Don't make me ask uncomfortable questions about why you won't do it for Obama. Just give him the same courtesy that every other president has gotten. No more, no less. Raise it. 

Raise the debt ceiling. I'm sick of asking. I'm tired of talking about it. Congress, can you hear me? Aren't you tired yet of hearing me tell you this? Raise it. Raise it now. Just go ahead and raise it. Don't even talk about it any more. Nobody wants to hear any more excuses. Just raise the debt ceiling, and let's get on with other business. Nobody is going to score any more points with this issue. Everyone has made their point already. So raise the debt ceiling. Raise it. I said raise it. Raise it and go the fuck to sleep. Don't make me shout. RAISE IT NOW! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Don't make me repeat it. Just raise it. Raise it. Raise it. Raise it I said. Raise it already and get it over with.

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