Friday, June 17, 2011

Dan Pfeiffer Grilled at Netroots

Herewith a summary of the interview this morning by Kaili Joy Gray of White House Communications Director Daniel Pfeiffer. I was there, so I can vouch for its accuracy. The actual interview appears below. (Amanda Terkel's version is here.)

Q: Why doesn't the president put forward a jobs bill?

A: The president has put forward a number of initiatives for creating jobs.

Q: Yes, but why aren't you calling that a jobs bill?

A: I guess you don't have an obligation to explain what you mean by a jobs bill, and you don't have to worry about how to get it passed through Congress.

Q: Well, why should we help Obama get re-elected if he can't get a jobs bill passed?

A: I guess you prefer the Republican jobs bill.

Q: Don't you think there is a war on women?

A: The president has not used that phrase. But he has actually accomplished a lot for women's rights.

Q: Oh we're so tired of hearing about everything the president has accomplished. But don't you think there is a war on women?

A: I guess it is important to you that everyone uses your phraseology.

Q: So why hasn't President Obama closed Guantanamo like he promised?

A: Because Congress passed a law that prevents us from doing that. Were you absent from fourth grade civics class the day they explained how Congress works?

Q: Excuses, excuses. If we can't get everything we want even when Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, then don't you think we might as well stay home and let the Republicans run everything all the time?

A: You're right. We still can't get everything we want done even when we have a majority. That's the way it works in a democracy. But if you think you'll have more success when the Republicans have a majority of Congress and a Republican president, then by all means you should stay home and not support the president's re-election.

Q: I still can't get over that the White House went along with extending the Bush tax cuts.

A: Do I have to explain that thing about how a bill becomes a law again? We didn't have the votes to extend only the tax cuts for the middle class. Get over it.

Q: Well what about gay marriage? How can we possibly support the president if he won't come out for gay marriage?

A: This president has done more to advance the cause of gay rights than any president in history.

Q: Why should gays support the president for re-election just because he has done more than any president in history to advance the cause of gay rights?

A: If they would prefer that the Republicans take back the White House and re-institute don't ask, don't tell, and repeal everything else we've done, then by all means they should vote Republican.

Q: What are you going to tell the President about this interview when you get back to the White House?

A: I'm going to tell him that I should get a raise for having to put up with this kind of stuff from people who are supposed to be on the same side.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I must have been typing below as you were posting here. Interesting stuff that sheds some light. These are tough times for all of us who are engaged politically. It's good to be reminded of that.

  2. Ha Liberal snark fest at its finest.