Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is féidir linn!

If anyone is interested in coverage of the President playing ping-pong with David Cameron, or sitting for a State Dinner with the Queen of England, you'll have to look elsewhere.  The relative stiffness and formality of the trip to England, at least as portrayed in some of the coverage I've seen, leaves me a little cold, especially in contrast to the warm and enthusiastic reception the Obamas received from the people of Ireland. The President's speech in Dublin on Monday is especially worth watching, if people haven't seen it already. (White House transcript here)  And if I could have one wish granted right now, I think it might be to be introduced by Enda Kenny.

Really nice high-def video from C-Span. (I'm going to have to start looking at their video library more often.) I recommend blowing this one up to full screen size.


  1. I know what you mean about the relatively stiff and formal press coverage, especially when compared with the warmth and jollity of the Ireland visit. But you have to remember that this was a State Visit, with all the associated pomp and circumstance, that the Queen herself is anyway somewhat reserved and formal (despite apparently feeling a sincere affection for the Obamas) and that there was no big public event here, unfortunately, to match the cheering crowds in Dublin.

    But you should know that the mood of people here was actually very cheerful and positive towards the first family - he's got a LOT of goodwill in reserve here.

    BTW - great blog. And thanks for linking to mine.

  2. I'm sure you're right that the people of England can be almost as warm and friendly as the Irish, but I couldn't find any pictures of cheering crowds in London, as I could for Ireland, and also France. Maybe that's because they kept the Obamas away from the crowds for the most part for this State Visit.

    And thanks for visiting Karin. Your blog is fab also.