Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheers to Senator Rand Paul!

Here is Rand Paul demanding time to debate the extension of the Patriot Act. This video has that wonderful "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"  quality of a freshman Senator taking a quixotic stand against the inevitable and politically-safe path of continuing a highly problematic policy. I give Paul credit for not being afraid to speak out on a matter of principle in a way that might not be popular, as well as for standing up for our Constitutional rights.That is a truly patriotic act.

The Senate voted to extend the Patriot Act, 72-23.


  1. The President is a big government neo-con statist without one inch of difference with President Bush on Gitmo, Patriot Act, rendition...

    Obama = Bush = NeoCon

  2. Thanks for dropping by and commenting David. It sounds like maybe you would support somebody like Rand Paul for President, a libertarian, anti-big government, anti-statist.

  3. Yup. That's correct.

    I stand for smaller, limited more efficient and less costly government that doesn’t bankrupt the next generation with an intractable national debt.

    I’m for more freedom.

  4. All points of view are welcome here!