Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I should probably ignore this birth certificate story. Or I should try to treat it with humor. But I already tried that in a previous post, describing my own Hawaiian investigation, and for some reason my investigation did not get as much play in the media as one big, fat, loudmouthed, bad-haired idiot talking about the fictitious investigation he conducted. So I can't be humorous about this today. I just feel sad. 

Instead of gloating about having accomplished something positive, the big, fat, loudmouthed, bad-haired idiot should be ashamed that he revived this non-issue for no other reason than to draw attention to himself. The media should be ashamed that they gave any coverage to loudmouthed idiots who tell lies for their own self-aggrandizement. And the rest of us should wonder why we paid any attention to this story.

Three years ago, the Obama campaign released a document that would have been accepted in evidence in every court in America, but that was not good enough for a lot of people. The document that was released today probably still won't be good enough for some people.  But if it ends the silliness, release of this document might serve a useful purpose. If it makes us wonder, even for a second, why we pay more attention to the deranged rantings of pretend presidential candidates, than we do to actual problems that affect our lives, maybe that would be a useful purpose also.


  1. Actually, the media has largely ignored the issue but it does not only help the GOP by minimizing Trump and "birthers" but also shows how far Obama has fallen that he now has to listen to the "little people" on the fringe.

    Now we will see if he will release his college transcripts. If so, his fall will have been completed.

  2. The media has ignored the issue? Don't make me laugh.

    And even Karl Rove as well as Rence Priebus, the new chairman of the Republican Party, have recognized that his issue is not good for the GOP. But for Obama, as usual, he can't win. If he releases his "long form" birth certificate, he will be criticized for that. But if he doesn't release it, he will be criticized for that.

    Ask yourself why would you get any satisfaction out of seeing the president humiliated by having to respond to smears and lies, or having to disclose every aspect of his personal life. I have more respect for you when you stick to the substantive issues.

  3. I agree that it's sad that it had to come down to this, but as I've noted on my blog, I am rediculously happy that we can (MAYBE?) move on from this.

  4. Thanks for the comment Jack. I hope we can move on from this also. What I want to add though, after I've read some more reaction to the president's announcement today, is that while people like you and I (i.e., white people) might be able to dismiss this whole episode as silliness, it has also provoked quite justifiable rage and hurt.

    Check out this very eloquent video, and recognize that none of us should be too happy that a black man who was duly elected President of the United States had to suffer the indignity of having to prove he is an American, a test that no one else has ever been forced to take, and for which there was never any justification.

  5. I don't see much about this in any serious way except on Hardball with Chris Matthews and HuffPost. Most everybody else thinks it is crazy as are the people who are talking about it. How long will you keep it alive, Joe?

  6. BTW, did Hillary Clinton start all this BS?

  7. To say that I am keeping it alive is an offensive comment. Here we have a prominent citizen who claims to be thinking of running for President, who is being taken seriously by much of the media, and who rose to the top of the Republican polls by spewing vicious lies. Then turns around and innocently says I hope it's not true, I was just raising a question.

    And I'm keeping it alive by calling him on it?

    If only we could stop talking about racism and just make it go away. Pretend it doesn't still exist is more like it.

  8. Sorry, no offense intended. Sounds like will be talking about it for a long time as you are suggesting it is based in racism.

    I thought the entire silly issue of Barack Obama's eligibility was brought to the fore by lawyers acting on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008. Specifically, Phil J. Berg, an ardent supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her candidacy for the presidency

  9. I know racisim does exist among blacks, hispanics and whites. I grew up among Mexicans and got my ass kicked quite a bit. My extended family is made up of all three races. Some of my nieces and nephews are literally a mix of all three. We have fun at Thanksgiving. Please don't go Jesse Jackson on me like I don't get it.