Thursday, March 17, 2011

Voting against climate change

Who says you can't fool Mother Nature?  All 31 Republicans on the House Energy Committee declined to vote in favor of a series of amendments acknowledging the consensus in the scientific community that climate change is real. (30 voted against, and 1 abstained.)  Every Democrat on the committee supported these amendments.  That ought to show the weather who is boss.  Congressional Republicans have boldly asserted their power to stop the seas from rising, and the thermometer from climbing.  Despite their philosophical skepticism about the power to government to do anything right, in this case they have taken action to demonstrate that Congress is more powerful than God and/or the collective actions of 6 billion humans.  By this vote, they can no doubt turn the tide on global warming, and keep the temperature from climbing.  They have also conclusively demonstrated that Congressmen know more about climate science than mere scientists.  Have scientists ever asserted the power simply to declare that climate change is not happening?  No, but politicians can do that!

Now that the House Republicans have proven their power to stop climate change, they should be able to prevent it from raining on days when the country needs to hold important outdoor events.  Next they should pass a bill outlawing hurricanes and earthquakes and floods.  That ought to keep nature in its place!

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  1. Well, when they outlaw weather, they'll be able to prevent all that radiation fallout from getting to us. Who could complain about that?